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November 20, 2011



Hi from Canada Lisa
I LOVE your signature, really like it.
So you were the lucky cinderella to fit Deborah's (we call her Miss Bee) unique shoe. She worked so so hard on making it perfect, and it was. I'm sorry I didn't get to get to know you either, but I hear you were one of the three sisters there, HOW COOL IS THAT??
I love your blog with all that lace on the sides and LOVE the black and white pics on your header. OK I'm going to look at your other posts.
LOVE Cindy and Kelly too : )
Happy Monday Lisa
Love Claudie


Lisa -- I got to see Deborah's shoe up close and it was sooo fabulous. I talked to her about the many many hours she put into it.

Aren't you the lucky one. You are so right -- all your swaps were so thought FULL.


Deborah aka Miss Bee

Awww, Lisa...I'm glad that my shoe was good enough for you to blog about! It was my first time doing anything like that and I was very nervous that it wouldn't be up to par.

Your other swap partners are so creative! It was fun swapping...just a little chaotic! Everyone was so excited and there wasn't much room to 'dance around' with joy when we received our exchanges!

I'm sorry also that we didn't have time to talk and get to know one another...next time for sure!

I'm going to send my love 'sistas' over to see you.

I followed your link to your creations and left a comment! ...beautiful!!

Thank you again for showing my shoe!

Deborah in NC

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