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November 20, 2011



HI...you don't know me, but I am a friend of Deborah's (we call her Miss Bee) I met her this summer at Claudie's house in Ontario. She created for us these wonderful little boxes, all decorated up to individualize each of us....and inside were lots of fun little surprises. I have it sitting on my computer desk here at home and like to open it from time to time, and just fiddle with the little things inside.

She did wonders on that shoe. I can't even imagine doing something like that. Heck, I start to hyper ventilate just THINKING of handliing a glue gun or any other crafting tool.

The once upon a dream even sounds like it was fabulous...that is what I have heard from those I know who attended.

If the shoe fits...wear it, and apparantly with the perfect color that you love, it certainly was made Just For You.
happy thanksgiving.......


Lisa, what lovely gifts you received at the swap. Miss Deborah is a precious friend of mine that I had the privilege of meeting this past summer in Canada on an adventure of a lifetime. I was blessed to receive one of her unique creations myself that I adore. It sits in my home office that is all about being a girl...and the touches and and accents are perfect! Your blog is lovely and so are each of the items you received in the swap. I'm partial to the shoe Deborah made...it's got tons of details and jewels. ;)


Good morning Lisa, I am so happy I came over to see your wonderful swaps. The brooch is gorgeous. A beautiful treasure. Francie did a fabulous job.

Kelly's ornament is so clever. I love the birds nest and the half doll. I would be hard put to decide which pretty side to choose. I met Kelly and she is a lovely woman.

Deborah is a very dead friend of mine and I love seeing her beautiful shoe. I already knew she is awesome at creating wonderful crafts of any kind. The shoe is stunning and a work of art.I love the golden spool heel. I would never think of such a clever way to create a heel. How lucky that the colors are your fave. I am sure your creations were beautiful too.

I made three journals and really loved the ones I received. I am going to feature them soon. I will link your Blog to my side bar so we can keep in touch. After all, we shared a lovely dream weekend. Smile!
Hugs, Jeanne


I also have been the lucky recipient of one of Enorahs treasures. Presents always lift a girls spirit and when so much thought goes into it- we'll, You become lost for words beyond "thank you".
Keep spreading the love girls.


OMG, I forgot about sweet sweet Francie. I ADORE HER too. She and many others were my highlights.

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